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Michelle Brown’s heartfelt purpose in life is to help others and she created to provide a one-stop website for moms to find everything they need to make motherhood easier. Now she’s taken it a step further,, enables all moms with events, classes and coaching.

Founder Michelle Brown and her husband, Justin were elated when they found out they were pregnant. They felt confident that it would be easy to be the educated, forward-thinking parents they always envisioned themselves to be. But when the big day came, like many other first-time parents, their new baby joy quickly turned to feeling overwhelmed and short on resources to help them through the parenting journey.

Through a haze of postpartum depression, she found her life’s mission, to connect moms everywhere with family experts and coaches through

The creation of ihelpmomsTV is dedicated to positive parenting foundations, helping moms develop self confidence and helping moms to create a life they love. Our featured experts are highlighted because of their compassion for moms, their dedication to helping moms to not just survive motherhood but to THRIVE!

We hope you will love these insights, tips and strategies as much as we love curating them- to Make Motherhood Easier, Healthier and Happier!

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